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If you are a teacher or parent looking for exciting, fun and interactive arts enrichment activities for your school or home classroom, consider adding our Bookscials Picture Books & Arts Kits to your teaching tool box! Use them to enhance story time, explore social emotional issues, get kids moving, introduce singing, theater and dance into your classroom. Our Picture Books & Arts Kits provide arts enrichment in a “digital box”, making it super easy for teachers, kids and parents to add art, music, dance, writing and reading into your school or home classroom as well as PUT ON A SHOW — at home or in the classroom! Each of our Arts Kits is based on a picture book and provides everything you need to do exciting arts activities such as singing, music, dancing, illustrating, writing and putting on a “Picture Book Musical” show. Our Arts Kits get kids moving, dancing  and  expressing themselves creatively through the power of story. Teachers and parents will be thankful for these EASY to use arts enrichment that KIDS WILL LOVE IT.

“Arts in school and education is critically important for a student’s social, emotional and intellectual development”

Core Curriculum

Our interactive, easy to use Arts Enrichment Kits meet Core curriculum for the arts and social emotional learning (SEL).

Each Classroom Enrichment Kit Has Units For

  • Visual Arts
  • Music

  • Writing

  • Dance

  • Performing

  • SEL

Units are designed to provide 35 minutes to 120 minutes of classroom instruction/activity time.

  • IMPROVE Listening Skills
  • FOSTER Individuality

  • ENCOURAGE Teamwork

  • DEVELOP Critical Thinking

  • FOSTER Social Interaction

  • DEVELOP Self Esteem

Enhance Your School Arts Program With Our Picture Books & Arts Kits

Collaboration with classmates through the arts give students the opportunity to empathize with others. Creating, collaborating and performing together develops teamwork, social, emotional and interpersonal skills.

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During Covid 19 school closures we realized that arts activities such as music, singing, dance, theater are sorely missed during isolation and lockdown. In light of this, Booksicals and the Chris Hunt corporation partnered together to build a digital arts activities center that will bring reading, writing, theater, dance, and art to kids for both learnings at home and in the classroom.

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We need your help to complete the platform and be able to provide the platform and book giveaways for FREE to children and schools who need it.


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