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Children’s Book or Musical? It’s a Booksical!

Reading isn’t just for sitting still anymore! Booksicals, a children’s book publisher in Los Angeles offers an exciting way to get kids reading, moving, singing and performing.  With eye-catching illustrations and engaging characters that kids love, Booksicals picture books and musical ebooks are fun to read, sing along with and great for interactive story-time.

Children love to pretend, and play is a key  part of early childhood development.  Booksicals trigger creativity, encourage team work, and stimulate the brain through music, art and movement .  These delightful picture books allow kids to act out their favorite stories, sing songs and learn to interact with other children through role play.

Learn about our Picture Book Musicals Theater Program 

Picture Musicals Program takes reading off the page and onto the stage.  Picture Book musicals bring our books to live on stage as downloadable Theater Kits. Each theater kit comes with a  soundtrack, a script, a directors guide and digital  art work for back drops or posters for your next school play.
Whether it’s recreating on stage the unlikely friendship between Wobegon and Mildred or the search for The Alphabet Thief, Booksicals Picture Book Musicals provides a theatrical opportunity for kids to become part of the stories they love.



Booksical Sensory Reading Experience in Los Angeles Children's books

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Bringing Booksicals to the Classroom

Kids have more energy than a classroom will ever contain! There’s no better way to burn it off than active play that builds the body and the mind. Teachers are constantly on the look for easy and affordable activities the kids will enjoy.

Booksicals are a teacher’s best friend! Children’s book + music + songs  = creative fun.

Schools and after-school programs depend on group play that keep children engaged and interested. When activities combine literacy with  music and movement, it’s a winner all the way around.  Story hour is exciting when the classroom becomes a stage.

Booksicals Performances for School Events and Fund Raisers.

If you’re tired of holding bake or chocolate sales, try ticket sales. A Booksicals performance makes an excellent fundraiser! Our stories are created to be performed by and for kids.
Think of the fun the kids will have acting, singing, performing.  There are props to color, tickets to print – jobs for everyone

All you’re missing is the curtain rising and a cashbox for ticket sales.

Want to sell some story-inspired totes or books too?  Need help getting organized? We’re just an email away – or contact us via our contact page — no matter where you are.

Need children’s books in Spanish? Click here!

The Next Generation of Readers

We provide classroom workshops using sensory reading techniques, helping teachers and child care professionals make reading a “5-senses experience” .

What does that mean?

Bright engaging pictures. Interesting fonts. Stories kids can connect to their own lives.  Music, songs and lyrics kids can act out. Plus story related tea ceremonies, recipes, art projects and sensory games that engage the senses.  Bringing books to life through the senses has long been associated with encouraging a child’s love of reading and with enhancing learning.
Quote from Los Angeles Booksicle CEO and author

Too many children live in homes without books, many more with adults who don’t read to them. The impact on their future is drastic.

Everyone benefits when children learn to love reading.

We are committed to developing business partnerships in the Los Angeles area to support early childhood literacy.  We welcome the opportunity to work with corporations, small business, non-profits, early childhood advocates and activists.

We’re available to help design programs that share our love of books and reading with every child in our community. Contact us to make your business or organization a “FRIEND of READING”


Sensory Reading Experience: Stimulating Brain Development

Booksicals offer more than a bedtime story. Written by Los Angeles author and educator Susan Chodakiewitz, these picture books offer a sensory play experience that studies have shown to be a key component in early childhood development.

Interactive storytelling isn’t just child’s play – kids are building brain function.

Sensory play is highly regarded by scholars in early child development. When kids use touch, taste, sight, smell and sound to experience the world, the brain benefits are huge:

  • Builds neural pathways in the brain
  • Develops cognitive skills, problem solving, motor skills
  • Supports healthy social interactions
  • Encourages creativity
  • Builds a love of reading and writing

The National Association for the Education of Young Children says literacy begins with the spoken word. We certainly agree, and  we believe that singing, dancing and role play enhances learning, memory, sensory synapses!

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Children understand words long before they can read them. Parents who talk around their babies add about 1000 words an hour!

When children are read to at home, it’s a big boost for their vocabulary. Plus having books in the home is directly connected to a child’s interest in reading later in life.

Children love acting out Booksicals

Booksicals are a pleasure to read and own. The illustrations are adorable, the character’s engaging, the stories sometimes poignant, sometimes funny but always relatable. Like our books? Please take a second and add your review.

Our Los Angeles children’s bookstore is always open online!

Buy your favorite in paperback or eBook. Also available in Spanish.

Who Needs a Booksical?

  • Childcare Facilities: Booksicals are ready-made group activities for sensory play!
  • Schools: Use Booksicals books and musicals to supplement core curriculum subjects such as spanish, movement, language arts, music, drama.
  • Teachers: Perfect drama project by kids for kids for your next school play. Affordable too!
  • Parents: Have a child who can’t sit still long enough to read? Read a book and act it out!
  • Summer Camps:  Perform a  show with Picture Book Musical Theater Kits!
  • Every Child: Kids who read at an early age are more likely to succeed in school.

We’re a Los Angeles children’s bookstore but Booksicals play well anywhere!

Looking for a Great Children’s Gift?

Parents, grandparents – anyone with a special child in their lives, Booksicals offers a sweet combo.

  1. Order a Booksical for the Kindle – or paperback if you prefer.
  2. Download your free soundtrack
  3. Get a custom Take-a-Book-to-Bed pillow or book-specific tote!

Workshops in Los Angeles

We’re happy to come to your school or childcare facility to conduct a Sensory Reading Experience workshop. We know how hard teachers work – we’re happy to help. Booksicals are out of the box activities. Performed by kids or by adults for kids!

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A booksical is a picture book brought to life as a children's musical. Kids can read a booksical as a book, sing along to the booksical ebook, or act out the story. Booksicals can be performed for or by kids as school projects or children's theater. Whether you are searching online, or at a children's book store in Los Angeles, booksicals present a great solution to inspiring the minds of young people.