Childhood is a confusing and sometimes scary time for children. A vibrant imagination can ease the frustration and confusion that comes with growing up. Workshops that use sensory games are a terrific way to inspire your child to explore the power of imagination.

Why Sensory Play is Important

Fundamentally, sensory experiences are a crucial component in childhood development because we use our senses to interact with our world. Vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell all give essential information to the brain and help to make sense of our surroundings.

From an academic perspective, educators know that sensory balance plays a critical part in the ability of a student to learn to read and write. There is, for instance, a direct correlation between strong sensory skills and language development. Did you know, for example, that all of the hours that your little ones spent squishing colorful dough between their fingers resulted in nimble fingers that were ready to pick up a pencil and begin writing their story? 

An active sensory game also helps children develop their gross muscles. Jumping. Running. Throwing. Crawling. These types of large muscle movements engage the senses and help to improve balance and coordination.


Sensory Experiences Promote Imagination

One of the most delightful benefits of sensory game play is how quickly it promotes imaginative thinking. Well-thought-out sensory immersions are open-ended, and there is no right and wrong way of engaging in the experience. Indeed, instead of boxing the children in with a set of strict guidelines, outstanding sensory explorations free the participants to create their own experience.


Collaboration Leads to Increased Imagination

There is a lot of truth to the idea that creative individuals become even more creative when other imaginative people surround them. Workshops that use sensory games to encourage creativity in kids are successful because they provide a safe framework for the kids to unleash their imaginations. It’s impressive, for example, what a group of elementary aged kids can do with a table covered in shaving cream. The shared endeavor increases the imaginative experience for all of the participants.

Workshop Sensory Games

Unlike very young children who aren’t developmentally ready to work together, elementary school students enjoy sensory games that involve collaborative effort. Some of the exciting ways that workshops use sensory games to help elementary age children rediscover the joy of imagination are:

  • Music– From a concert highlighted with student-designed instruments to jumping on a giant floor keyboard made out of chalk, music is a wonderfully rich sensory game that all children enjoy.
  • Theater– Is there anything more engaging than turning a favorite book into a live performance? The theater has a fantastic ability to draw even the most introverted participants in the action.
  • Dance– Who doesn’t enjoy moving to the rhythm? Free movements, such as in a silly dancing game, unleash the creative spirit.
  • Art– Materials like finger paints, feathers, sponges, and glitter combine to let each child create their art masterpiece.

Lastly, one of the most important gifts that we can give to our children is to aid them in embracing the power of imagination.  CONTACT Booksicals to learn how our workshops grow imaginations.