Wobegon & Mildred

Wobegon & Mildred

Show Synopsis

No one likes parking ticket monster Wobegon.  No one ever invites him to a picnic or home for dinner.  But even a crabby ogre like Wobegon is entitled to happiness.  Wobegon and Mildred is a heartwarming and humorous show about friendship and learning that being lovable means being yourself.

Performance Details

Genre: Musical with songs

Age:  Grades K-6

Cast:  3 – unlimited

Running Time: 10 min

Themes: Friendship, self esteem, being yourself, optimism

Characters:  Wobegon, Mildred, Mrs. Crickety,  Townspeople

Staging Suggestions:  Because of its short length you can perform this musical as part of a vignette series