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Make Cool Button Covers!

Make Cool Button Covers

Inspired by the booksical:   Too Many Visitors for One Little House

Cousin Rose LOVES clothes.  She also LOVES buttons!

Add a fancy flair to any button down blouse or shirt with snazzy BUTTON COVERS.
They’re easy to make!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Strong craft foam - Cut into 2 X 2 inch squares
(You can also use FELT, LEATHER or LEATHERETTE instead of foam)
Permanent markers/glitter/sequence/beads
Craft knife
Graph paper

· Draw 1 ½  x 1 ½ inch square on graph paper.
· Inside the square draw a HOUSE
· Cut out the HOUSE
· Place the HOUSE over a FOAM SQUARE  and CUT THE FOAM into the shape of the HOUSE. (Cut out another FOAM HOUSE for each button you want to cover.)
· Use permanent markers/glitter/sequence/beads to decorate each HOUSE .
· Measure the width of your button hole and draw a line the width of the button hole on the plain side of your button cover.
· Have an adult help you cut slits for the buttons on the lines you just drew.
· Put on your shirt, and button it. Slip the button covers over the buttons.  (Make other button covers with different shapes:  HEARTS, CIRCLES, SQUARES.)

Enjoy your snazzy new button covers!