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Magic Tea House

Age: Grade K-6

Wobegon & Mildred

Age: Grade K-6

The Alphabet Thief

Age: Grade K-6

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Booksicals Classroom Theater Kits contain arts activities based on and inspired by Booksicals children’s books and use music, theater, dance, art, writing & social emotional activities to provide interactive learning that encourage self expression and creative exploration.  Booksicals Classroom Theater Kits are easy to use for both home and classroom.

Core Classroom Kit

This kit provides everything you need to put on a class or school show. It’s theater in a digital kit!

  • Script – Downloadable
  • Sing-Along Musical Tracks

  • Performance Musical Tracks

  • Full Audio Book with songs

  • Piano Vocal Score

  • Lyric Sheets

  • One Picture book for school library

Premium Classroom Kit

The premium kit includes everything that is in the core kit (script, music tracks, artwork for back drop, score, lyrics, performance license) PLUS  a teachers guide with teaching units for music, drama, art, dance, writing, social emotional learning, dance instructional videos, and a picture book musical video— extra fun for classroom,  assembly presentations or home school.

  • Video of the Picture Book Musical

  • Instructional Dance Video

  • Teacher’s  Guide with teaching units for writing, art, dance, theater, music and social emotional learning.

  • Social Emotional Learning Guide

What is unique about Booksicals Classroom Kits for kids?

  • Perform 10-25 minute shows right in your classroom

  • Stage the shows for school assembly

  • Enriches learning with picture book inspired arts activities that encourage self expression and explores social emotional themes to promote social and personal growth

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The Story Behind Booksicals

Booksicals was founded in 2007 by Los Angeles children’s author and musical theater composer Susan Chodakiewitz. “My mission to inspire a child’s creativity and imagination led me to create picture books that kids could also sing, dance and perform.”

As a frequent presenter at schools Susan discovered something important. “At school presentations I brought costumes and props for the kids to role play. Kids were so enthusiastic to become characters from the book and bring the story to life I realized there was a need to provide teachers and students with a tool for kids to explore artistic expression.”With the release of the Booksicals Classroom Kits Booksicals created a way for teachers and kids to enjoy an easy, fun and exciting way to put on their own Picture Book Musicals as well as enrich their learning through the arts.

Children’s Book or Musical? It’s a Booksical!

Art, imagination and self expression are a key part of early childhood development. Children love to pretend, role play and put on shows. Our books and Booksicals Classroom Kits trigger creativity, encourage team work and stimulate the brain through music, art and movement.  Check out our books, and Classroom Kits and consider adding them to your classroom tool kit for arts enrichment.Booksicals makes reading a fully immersive experience.

Using the power of story Booksicals enhances your classroom with music, art, drama and social emotional learning activities. A Los Angeles based children’s book and content creator, Booksicals offers an exciting way to get kids reading, singing, dancing  performing, thinking and moving. With our beautifully illustrated children’s books and memorable characters, Booksicals provides hours of classroom enrichment that help kids find their favorite avenue of learning and their preferred form of artistic expression. With Booksicals books and Classroom Kits, kids will sing, dance, do art projects, write, think, perform and immerse in the power of story.