The B4 Project


B4 is a Booksicals Literary Project 

B4 = Books to the 4th Power

        Our Mission is to:

  • Introduce young students to authors
  • Inspire young students through the author presentation experience 
  • Put books into the hands of underserved elementary school children in Los Angeles.

We believe that ownership of books and interacting with authors exponentially changes the educational equation.

B4 = Books and Businesses Building Bridges

Our Goal is to:

  • Partner with banks, brands, and businesses that wish to serve their community by sponsoring the B4 project at targeted schools
  • Target elementary schools in Los Angeles with a high percentage of low income families
  • Provide author presentations and book distribution to each student at a targeted elementary schools

Banks, Businesses and Brands that sponsor the program will receive recognition and press worthy PR for their positive impact on their local community through reading.

“Let children hold a book in their hands, bring it home, and count it as theirs.”

B4 seeks your sponsorship to make this a reality.

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