Say hello to our CEO. With an eclectic background in science, languages, Jewish Studies, music, theater, and producing, Susan creates whimsical, humorous and amusing books and musicals for children. Susan founded Booksicals in 2009 to combine her passion for picture books with her love for musical theater. In collaboration with artists, musicians, educators, choreographers, designers and producers Susan developed Picture Book Musicals — a literary performing arts experience for kids that stimulates a child’s creativity and imagination as well as their artistic, collaborative and social skills.  One of Susan’s missions in life is to inspire creativity. With Booksicals and Picture Book Musicals, Susan hopes to give children of the world a creative, fun and educational tool to unlock the immense power of their imagination.

Outside the office, Susan goes on walks, reads books, draws, colors, watches movies, writes, goes to the theater, and makes big family gatherings to celebrate life.