Stage Fright

cropped-king-david3Surrounded by the beautiful Arizona mountains and blue skies I should have been relaxed and calm as I walked in to meet Mr. Yacov’s first grade class . It was my first time at King David School in Scottsdale and I was going to read Too Many Visitors for One Little House to the K-1 classes.

While waiting for the kids to arrive, my sister, Anne Grabois, spanish teacher and former music teacher at the King David School who was going to introduce me, whispered in my ear, “Are you nervous?” “I’m petrified,” I replied.

“Petrified of 5 and 6 year olds?” she asked.

“What if they hate the book? ” I quivered.

Then in walked a line of shining smiles and beaming faces. Some waved to me, some jumped up and down, some shyly smiled. Exchanging wide-eyed looks and smiles –we connected!

And suddenly the fear was gone and the magic took over. Bonding through story, colors and pictures we shared an unforgettable afternoon.

In my brain I logged the memory of the reading at Kind David under – Don’t Worry about Stage Fright.

Yes author readings can be scary, especially if your audience is a room full of bright-eyed, honest-to-a fault 4-6 years olds who expect nothing less than total truth. But when they feel your sincere passion they plug right in and author and reader are bonded forever.