School Workshops in Los Angeles

Booksicals will do author/illustrator presentations via zoom for your classroom or grade.  Contact for calendar and scheduling.

We’re ALSO happy to come to your school to evaluate your arts enrichment needs and see how Booksicals can help you implement arts and theater curriculum into your school or classroom. We can work with your teachers and staff and brain storm how best to implement a Picture Books Theater & Arts  program for your specific school or classroom needs.

We know how hard teachers work and how limited their time is – We want you to succeed.  We want you to have fun.  We want to help you enrich your classroom with the arts.  Contact us to set up a Workshop via zoom or in person at your school.

Who Needs Picture Books Theater & Arts Kits?

Schools: Use our Picture Books Theater & Arts Kits to supplement core curriculum subjects such as  language arts, writing, reading, music, drama, art and or social emotional learning. Hours of creative activities provide educational tools in easy to use units for diverse learning styles.  Use it for school fund raisers

Drama Coaches: Use our Theater Kits for drama projects by kids,  for kids for your next school play. Scripts, musical tracks, prop and costume guides and simple staging for classroom, theater, or auditorium performances.  Short, easy to produce plays and kids can have a picture book to take home after the performance!

Parents that Home School: Have a child who can’t sit still long enough to read? Read a book, act it out, learn a dance, do an art project, story related writing, discuss important SEL themes.  Many units of activities for diverse learning styles.

Summer Camps: Perform a show with Picture Books Theater & Arts Kits! Easy to use, everything you need to put on a show AS WELL AS use your own creative ideas. Posibilites are limitless and EASY to use

Parents Needing Birthday Ideas.: Use Picture Books Theater & Arts Kits for birthday parties. Give out books for favors.
Kids can learn a dance and get a book!  Parents will love you for this unique birthday party celebrating picture books.

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