Get Kids Moving with BOOKSICALS books at YOUR SCHOOL!

Booksicals believes in getting kids moving & dancing with stories!



Immerse Kids in Reading through Music and Dance 

Get moving with Booksicals books at YOUR school

Here’s How:

Start with a book. Give out parts. Stage the story. Choreograph to the music of
well known, kid friendly, pop songs.

Perform it for parents, kids, your school!

Use it as a FUND RAISER and sell the books at the performance!

To Get Started:

  • Order our books

  • Download the kid-friendly pop soundtracks we recommend for each book or look for your own.

  • Read the story together

  • Give out parts

  • Stage or choreograph your favorite scenes from the book

  • Have a performance at a school FUND RAISER

  • Sell books at the performance, raise money and and turn others on to reading!

Booksicals was created by author Susan Chodakiewitz who combines her passion for children’s books and musical theater by creating books for kids with musical theater soundtracks. Susan believes that kids are spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME in the virtual world.  Booksicals books and musical ebooks encourage kids to get UP from their sedentary digital activities and MOVE, DANCE and SING with books!


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