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Too Many Visitors for One Little House

By Susan Chodakiewitz
Illustrations by Veronica Walsh

Things are about to change on quiet El Camino Street when a new family moves in on the block with a flock of cousins, uncles,nannies, grannies and the biggest camper you ever saw. What will the crabby neighbors do?  A joyful book about the importance of feeling included.   Kids will love the book and “Booksical” ebook.

Master Davey and the Magic Tea House

A magical tea master, a child with special sensory powers and a mythical blue tiger cross paths to save the magical Blue Tiger Tea.  A journey for children into the sensory world of tea. Create your own tea ceremony and enjoy the story!  Get the beautifully narrated “Booksical” ebook too!.

Mr. Snoozle’s Exquiste Eggs

Mr. Snoozle is invited to his first Passover and has prepared the most exquisite eggs to bring to the Seder.  But WHERE are all of Mr. Snoozle’s exquisite hard boiled eggs? A humorous Passover story for kids and the entire family.  A wonderful Passover gift for the children. Enjoy the book and “Booksical” ebook.

The ALPHABET THIEF by Susan Chodakiewitz Illustrations by Mosa Tanksley

There is an alphabet thief on the loose and words from A to Z join forces to discover WHO is stealing letters from important words like LOVE,  HUG and ADVENTURE!  Words are the main characters in this amusing book about the importance of finding meaning.

Wobegon and Mildred

No one likes Wobegon, the parking ticket monster.  No one ever invites him to a picnic. No one ever has him over for dinner.  But even crabby, miserable Wobegon is entitled to happiness.  A humorous story about friendship, hope and finding love. Get the book and musical ebook .

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