We are working on a new children’s book!

My talented marketing director, Phyllis Zimbler Miller, and I were on the treadmill as usual (every day we discuss business, marketing, new ideas) and were reminiscing about a television series we had written together called Karate Moms.  About half way into the discussion — we both looked at eachother… got that funny smile that means BRIGHT IDEA across our faces and simultaneosly realized we had a new idea for a NEW children’s s book series  about Karate.

BRAIN STORM TIME — and the character of KATIE KLUTZBERG –starts coming into focus.   I run home, jot down some ideas, email to Phyl, she emails back, we write, we hone, we critique , we craft  and the story unfolds…

So here’s the story…

Katie Klutzberg comes from a long line of klutzes. She drips ketchup on her clothes during lunch, she trips in the halls, she is the last one to be picked for any athletic school team.  Katie can’ t stand being so clumsy but what can she do? She comes from a long family line of klutzes.  Then one day  the graceful Master Yu comes to school to demonstrate Karate techniques and guess who he picks to help him demonstrate?  Everyone laughs at Katie as she trips and falls in front of the whole class . But why did he pick KATIE? Does Master Yu know something no one else does?

Treadmill time is getting more fun as we meet put other business aside (yeah) to discuss the unraveling of our new beloved Klutzy Katie and ideas for a whole  series.

I’ll be keeping you posted on the progress  of Klutzie Katie, the new Karate Kid

Talk to you soon!