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We are a full service children’s book publisher and content creator that
specializes in branding your company as an advocate of reading and literacy.

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Choose from our selection of award winning children’s books or work with our writers and illustrators to build unique stories and characters for your brand and merchandise.

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Booksicals extends opportunities beyond good PR and media. When you deploy a campaign with Booksicals we can create and tailor branded merchandise.

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We have experienced writers, illustrators, graphic designers, video producers, editors, and web/mobile developers on hand to deliver the richest experience revolving around your brand.

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Supporting reading is a story worth talking about. Sponsor our B4 Literacy Project at an elementary school in your community. Promote your brand in the community and social media through books and reading events. Read more...

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Coffee Bean and Booksicals teamed up to create “Master Davey & the Magic Tea House”, a completely unique tea drinking experience for kids and their family.

The results:

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Over 400,000 families engaged online. The trailer alone brought in 80,000+ views, which was the highest viewed video on Coffee Bean’s youtube channel.

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Master Davey & the Magic Tea House drew an international presence reaching as far as India and Sri Lanka. Celebrities like Disney actor Phill Lewis joined the campaign and participated in several press covered readings at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations.

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In addition to being a huge success for Coffee Bean’s 50th anniversary celebration, The Blue Tiger tea tin was the highest selling tea tin in Coffee Bean’s history.

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