Magic Tea House

Magic Tea House

Show Synopsis

Master Davey and the Magic Tea House, legend of the Blue Tiger, is the story of a boy named Hopper with special sensory powers. When Hopper crosses paths with an eccentric tea master, he embarks on a magical journey to save Camila’s tea village in Yunan, China. Hopper and Camila must face three challenges that demonstrates kindness, wisdom, and courage. Will they have what it takes to face the ferocious blue tiger and save Camila’s village?

Performance Details

Genre: Play with music and sound effects of the forest, monsoon and magic tea garden

Age:  Grades K-6

Cast: 8 – unlimited

Running Time: 20 min

Themes: Believe in yourself, Kindness, Power of Imagination

Characters:  Hopper, Camilia, Master Davey, Wali- The Keeper of the Magic Tea Garden, The Magic Emperor, Mahika,, Camilia’s father, The Blue Tiger