Get Kids Reading!  Free ibooks from Booksicals

Join the Sweetness of Reading Campaign


Hope your kids are off to a great summer.  It was always difficult for me to get my three boys to include READING on their to do list for the summer.  I was thinking about how to  start off Booksicals summer with an exciting way to encourage summer reading for kids.  Then I thought about it….Kids love to shop in summer….  Wouldn’t it be great to join forces with children’s stores, boutiques and producers of children’s products to GIVE AWAY  free ibooks?

Well that is exactly what Booksicals decided to do.  And here it is…The Booksicals Sweetness of Reading Campaign is off and running.  We are now joining with corporate partners who will participate in the campaign  by giving  away our free children’s  ibooks to their customers.   Stay tune to hear WHO joins.

Let us know if you want us to contact YOUR favorite stores or kids product lines to distribute our  ibooks for free.

Happy summer and Happy READING!


Susan Chodakiewitz is the founder of Booksicals–Encouraging Reading Through the Arts and the author of Too Many Visitors for One Little House and the soon to be released children’s picture book:  Wobegon and Mildred, a quirky love and friendship story.