Summer time reading creates important memories.  We often mark time by the books we read at different ages and stages of our lives. Summer vacations from school are important growth moments, important gateway to rites of passage, provide “ah ha” moments and self-discovery.  That’s why summer reading is so important in a child’s life.

Here are some ideas to incorporate books into summer time play:

  1. Create a recipe that fits with the THEME, STORY or CHARACTER of the book-

    Every book has a food, drink, holiday, family moment, outdoor adventure… or something that can remind you of a food, beverage or recipe.  Discover what that is in the story and make it!
  2. Act out a chapter, a page or an entire picture book with costumes, props and live action.    
    Find a fun, adventurous, scary, sad, or humorous book or section of a book and give out the parts.  Make your own costumes with household items and PUT ON  A SHOW for the family, for friends, at a birthday party, or summer eve.
  3. Paint a story
    Pick a character, scene, prop or costume from a story and make it, paint it, draw it, color it.
  4. Create a Sensory Box
    Every book activates your senses in some way.  Does your book take place in the forest?  Make a sensory SMELL BOX with things that may remind you of the forest.
    Do your characters wear unique clothing? Have funny hair? Live in interesting placed?  Make a TEXTURE BOX with things you find in and around your house that remind you of your story, character, setting.  Does your story have unique food? Make a TASTE BOX with things that remind you of the country, city, home your characters come from.
  5. Create a GAME to play based on your book .
    Any book or story can be turned into a board game, a physical game, or a card game.
  6. Brain storm on a White board 
    White boards are GREAT for brain storming.  Brain storm names for your character’s pets, parents, friends, or places your characters would go on vacation!   I love my new white board which I got from bootstrapboards.  It is light weight, easy to use, and adhesive on any wall or closet.  Turn your kids room, closet or bedroom door into a creative brainstorming WHITE BOARD writing and doodle surface.

Reading is a great solitary and quiet time activity.  Important for everyone.  But in today’s fast paced digital world getting kids to read has MUCH COMPETITION.  Make reading ACTIVE and EXCITING.  Share your thoughts with me about your ideas. Happy Summer Reading!