The magic that happens when actors bring to life something you have written is one of the exhubertly wonderful perks of a writer’s life. The Booksicals Repertory Company is about to debut the musical version of Too Many Visitors for One Little House at the Robertson Library in Los Angeles. Up until now it’s been more work than fun: getting the cast together, recruiting director/choreographer,  coordinating  rehearsals, making script changes, staging, choreographing, recording in the studio, endless tweaking and retweaking of the music tracks, getting props, and putting it all together.  But last night at rehearsal we finally had a  music run through.  Let the joys begin!  Yes theater is magical and oh so wonderful as it brings to life the delights of a children’s picture book .

If you are in Los Angeles.  Join us at the Robertson Library at 4:30 on Tuesday June 2.  Or look for upcoming Booksicals performances.  See you soon!