If you’re like most parents, some of your most cherished memories are the ones that you and your little one created as you read the well-worn pages of a favorite bedtime story. Over time, the story transcended the pages in the book as your child played with words and ideas to weave together a whole new creation. Creative writing workshops, explicitly designed for 6th – 12th graders are a fantastic way to continue to foster that innate creativity and love of reading in your child. Let’s take a look at the beautiful benefits of having your child participate in a creative writing workshop.


What is a Creative Writing Workshop

The primary goal of a creative writing workshop is to provide a supportive and inspirational environment where young writers can embrace their inner selves through their writing. The idea is that the experience of sharing written work within a community of fellow writers results in the critical feedback that is so essential to honing writing skills.

How A Creative Writing Workshop Works

Since creative writing workshops are meant to instill a sense of close community, enrollment usually caps at a dozen or so students. The budding authors are guided by an experienced writing facilitator who is an expert in the craft of writing and working with young people. As the group leader, the facilitator leads the group through such creative experiences as:

  • Written Prompts
  • Picture Prompts
  • Thematic writing
  • Collaborative writing
  • Genres (poetry, screenwriting, fiction, nonfiction, and playwriting)
  • Acting
  • Peer Review & Editing


Benefits of a Creative Writing Workshop

The ability to write well is a hard-earned skill that takes toil and patience to perfect. A creative writing workshop is a terrific place to practice the craft of putting words to paper while also bringing other potential benefits to the participants. Four of the most valuable perks are in the areas of

  • Creativity- There isn’t a better way to expand your creative horizons than to surround yourself with other creative people. The workshop uses an array of activities to fuel creative fire and self-expression. The teens tap into their imaginations by writing and producing short plays, engaging in collaborative writing, and fun thematic explorations.
  • Knowledge- The workshop experience builds participants knowledge through expanding their view of life outside of their understanding. An immediate benefit of attending a workshop is the chance to play with a whole list of new vocabulary words.
  • Interpersonal Communication- Writing is so often a solitary experience, and the great plus of a writing workshop is the chance to develop interpersonal communication skills. The young author gets plenty of opportunities to practice voicing an opinion in a supportive group setting.
  • Reading- Good writers love to read. A creative scribe learns the mechanics of language along with such things as characterization, plot, and pacing. The heightened appreciation for how language moves onto the page makes writers into exceptional and excited readers.

Lastly, creative writing is a profoundly influential means of self-expression, and the ability to write well is a skill that never fades. CONTACT Booksicals for complete details on enrolling your young writer in a creative writing workshop today.