The Philharmonic Gets Dressed
by Karla Kushin
illustrated by Marc Simont
The Philharmonic Gets Dressed by Karla Kushin is an energetic ode to the power of music and teamwork. It starts just as the city is starting to get dark, the lights in the houses are starting to turn on, and “one hundred and five people are getting dressed to go to work.” The little book lays out all the statistics—how many men wear long socks and how many wear short, how many people take bubble baths and how many take showers. (A great chance for kids to practice their numbers!) As the musicians get ready for work, the author also lingers on the intimate details. One woman likes to wear wool socks over her stockings because her feet always get cold. One man is whistling while he puts on his bowtie. In the story’s climax, these different people who live different lives come together to create…MUSIC! This book is a treat for any little musician, or anyone who is inspired by humanity’s ability to come together and create.

Here at Booksicals, we believe that by getting kids moving and singing along with their favorite books, we can build a lifelong love of reading and the arts.  Susan Chodakiewitz is the founder of Booksicals and the author of the BOOKSICAL musical book adventure: TOO MANY VISITORS FOR ONE LITTLE HOUSE.