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Booksicals founder Susan Chodakiewitz believes that children learn best when you engage their imagination: “I believe you can develop a child’s love for reading by expanding the world of a book beyond its pages.  Engage a child’s senses on multiple levels and bring reading to life.” And this is precisely what inspired her to create Booksicals.

What is a Booksical?

Booksicals are more than books, more than ebooks and more than narrated  ebooks with music underscore.

Booksicals are ebook musicals.  And just like on Broadway the music in a  Booksical  reveals character, gives back story, moves the story a long and when the emotion is heightened, just like on Broadway, a character breaks into song.  With a Booksical– kids can read , hear ,watch and perform the book — Reading is no longer passive… but an active sensory mind-body experience.

And with the release of our books and ebooks  in Spanish, now a child can read, hear, watch and perform our ebook musicals  in both languages.  I hope this will serve as a great tool for helping kids learn English or Spanish as a second language.

Booksicals works with schools, theaters, libraries, book fairs, children’s literacy groups  to promote literacy and encourage the sweetness of reading.   

Booksicals also partners with Corporate Brands  in exciting and innovative projects to connect the brand with literacy, books and children.

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