Booksicals Birthday Parties for Kids

Celebrate Books and Encourage the Sweetness of Reading!

Encourage Reading with Booksicals Birthday Parties
Celebrate the Sweetness of Reading with Booksicals Birthday Parties

Have a Booksicals
INVITE the crabby nieghbors and zany family from the picture book: Too Many Visitors for One Little House to  your child’s next birthday and make it unforgettable. Kids will meet and interact with the characters, learn the songs to the musical of adaptation of the book, and dance The SNOOZLE! Free books included for the guests and birthday child.
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 Reading Parties for Birthdays

Booksicals Birthday Packages:
A.The Snoozle Dance Package – Do It Yourself

Now your child and his/her friends can learn The Snoozle Dance, with Booksical’s new and exclusive Too Many Visitor’s the Musical DVD + Snoozle Dance Video! Kids can see the show, learn the Snoozle, and enjoy with their friends copies of  the book that inspired it all, Too Many Visitors for One Little House (plus a bonus Meet the Author segment) 

Package A: $110 (a minimum order of 10 books are required to book a party, at a price of $10 each)

Included in Package A: 1 Too Many Visitors the Musical DVD, 1 Snoozle Dance Video DVD, and 10 copies of the book Too Many Visitors for One Little House for party favors.


B. The Daisycup/Featherplume/Mr. Snoozle PACKAGE: (Los Angeles area only)

Have the crabby Ms. Daisycup,  the fussy Mrs. Featherplume, or the grouchy Mr. Snoozle come to your party bringing Too Many Visitors for One Little House to MUSICAL LIFE. Kids will learn the Snoozle dance, play interactive games and get a  copy of the book to read and enjoy at home. Cast members will travel in the Los Angeles vicinity only.

Package B:  price: $425 + a minimum order of 10 books are required to book a party. Books sell for $10 each.

Included in Package A  are 3 free books: for the birthday child , the child’s classroom and the child’s school library.

C. The Full Cast Exclusive Package (Los Angeles area only)

Special arrangements can be made for the full cast of Too Many Visitors for One Little House to perform at your next Birthday Party. Bring the story to musical life with Songs, Dance and Interactive Games. Kids will meet the characters, learn the Snoozle Dance and get a full theatrical experience. This is available in the Los Angeles area only.

Package C: Price  for FULL CAST PACKAGE : $1500. Includes 10 free books.

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Booksicals Birthday Parties celebrate the sweetness of reading!