Writing for Kids

Many people ask me… where do I get my inspiration for my picture books.  “Do you think like a kid?” “Do you write in simple ways for kids to understand?”  “Do you have to go back in time and imagine your self as a child?  My answer is simple.. I don’t write for kids.  I write for me.  Everything I write about is things I would find funny, inspiring, exciting, silly, magical, philosophical, spiritual, enchanting.  If I laugh, cry or sigh, then I imagine a kid will too.

The Picture Books I have loved…

The picture books I have loved have always ones that are really written for adults. My favorite book of all times The Little Prince, by St. Exupery, is actually a philosophy book. It’s about love and friendship, and innocence and honesty. It’s a book that I keep in my heart and mind always.  Of course there’s Dr. Seuss.  His deep and witty commentaries on life and philosophical ideas are buried in his fun rhyme. Kids are deep and they get things intuitively.  I write for me. I write what I love and what inspires me. I think that people who write picture books have been able to keep alive that little kids in themselves.  That is what keeps our vision fresh and helps us see the magic in a moment.