What a treat to share Too Many Visitors for One Little House  with Ms. Lauren Grabois’  bright and creative 1st grade class at Palomino Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The children were so excited to meet an author and  share thoughts about how authors gets their ideas.  Each and every one of children realized they had so many experiences —  funny, sad, happy, even scary that could be turned into their own stories!

The highlight of the day for the kids was meeting in the flesh, the real live Grandma and Grandpa from the story. Grandma and Grandpa became instant stars as the kids gathered around with hugs and questions. 

As the kids  asked questions about the family and the dog from the story, we decided, then and there, to launch a DOG NAMING CONTEST.

Be on the look-out  — teachers, librarians,parents and kids-  for news about the Too Many Visitors for One Little House upcoming  DOG NAMING CONTEST.

Thank you children for the beautiful pictures and thank-you notes you made for me.  Thank you Ms. Grabois and Principal Dr. Ana Ramos for having me as a guest at your wonderful school.