For Kids of all ages!

Author Susan Chodakiewitz delights children with multi-sensory story experiences

 Using Texture, Color, Scent, Movement and Sound

For K-6


Choose from these author presentations:

alphabet theif cover                                                          WOB_MIL_COVER 300 dpi (1)                                                  Cover_Final

There is an alphabet thief on the loose                                             No one likes grumpy Wobegon                                                     A magic tea master, a legendary
stealing letters from important words                                                the parking ticket monster! But                                                      blue tiger, and a tea village that
like HUG,LOVE and ADVENTURE!                                                   something changes when Mildred comes along!                           must be saved.  Includes a tea ceremony.
                                           Please work

Grumpy neighbors get nervous                                                          What happened to all the
when a happy, BIG family moves                                                        eggs for the SEDER?
in on the block!                                                                                    A humorous Passover story.



$300 per 1 hour presentations.
Presentations for multiple classrooms:  $500 per half day


To book an author presenetation contact  Susan Chodakiewitz  at  or TEXT  310 729-4413