About Us

Susan Tresser

Susan Tresser CEO

Say hello to our CEO. With a background in science, music, theater, writing and producing, Susan founded Booksicals in 2009. In collaboration with her neurosurgeon husband and experts in the field of brain development, Susan developed a reading experience that stimulates brain development using sound, touch, taste, smell and the power of story. Susan collaborates regularly with musicians, artists, teachers, chefs and specialists in the neuroscience arenas to develop the most exciting multi-sensory reading experiences. It’s her mission to encourage a love for reading and to unlock the immense power of our children’s vivid imagination and creativity. Outside the office, Susan writes stories, musical theater, and film scripts. She seems to have a never ending supply of creativity and that’s just the way we like it.

Kalman Chodakiewitz UX Design & Research

Kalman designs our products from a perspective of our customers coming first. As an entrepreneur passionate about product design and neuroscience, he’s been a featured panel speaker at universities and high schools on entrepreneurship and usability.
He has designed, tested and implemented proprietary technologies across various fields and understands the evolving needs of our growing company. If there’s a compass that guides Kalman’s creativity, it’s passion for playing and composing music. Music is the universal bridge between beauty, emotion, function and theory. As Kalman says, ” It’s my mission to hear and amplify the harmony that resonates with our beloved customers and products”.

Our extended Booksicals family

Our extended Booksicals family

Here’s a glimpse of our growing team of artists, technologists, authors, and neuro-experts. Together with our pooled resources, we proudly tackle the challenge of changing the way we interact with our books, and in ways that go way beyond the experience of printed books or tablet screens.