What is a Booksical?

Hi – I’m Susan Chodakiewitz, founder of Booksicals children’s books.  In 2007 I was deep into writing musical theater.  One of the shows I was working on was a children’s book that my team and I were adapting from a children’s picture book.  This awoke in me my “old passion,” my love for picture books.  I have always had picture books in my library as an adult.  The colors,  illustrations, themes, poignant, funny or interesting ways of looking at life that picture book provide  are larger than life and the characters, stories and ideas of the books I love have stayed with me through adulthood.  It was an ‘Aha’ moment when  I realized that I wanted to fuse my interests in musical theater with my dream of creating books for children.  The name Booksicals came to me suddenly and in a flash! And voila— Booksicals came into being.

What is a Booksical?  A booksical is a picture book that is brought to life as a children’s musical. Kids can read a booksical as a printed book, sing along to the musical soundtracks of the ebook, or perform it in school or classroom as a Picture Book Musical.

Booksicals collaborates with talented artists, editors, music producers, dancers, choreographers, actors, designers and film producers to make books, dance instructional videos, musical videos, green screen videos and soundtracks and now picturebook musical scripts and theater kits.

Booksicals can be performed for kids by professional actors or with Picture Books Theater & Arts Kits  children can perform a booksical at school, drama camp, or at home for home school. Now during Covid 19 school lock downs out Theater & Art Kits can provide hours or arts enrichment and activities all based on beautiful beloved picture books.

Whether you are searching for an inspirational children’s book, a musical ebook or a creative and educational way to bring arts into your school , classroom or home school Booksicals will lead the way!

Bring Arts, Theater and Music to Your Classroom

Children’s book + Music + Songs+ Role Play = Creative Fun in the Classroom.
If you are a teacher looking for exciting, fun and interactive arts, music and theater enhancement for your classroom consider adding Picture Book Musicals Digital Theater Kits to your teaching tool box.

Story hour is more exciting when the classroom becomes a stage.

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