My journey into the magic of tea began when I met the tea master David De Candia.  It was serendipity… and magic and it all came together.  I have been intrigued by tea for a long time and thought about writing a book about it for children.  Then I met David de Candia, world re known tea master and discovered he too wanted to write a book about the magic of tea for children.  And so began my journey.

What is in a cup of tea?  Flavors, aromas, exotic places, stories of the gentle hands that pluck it….

Drink a cup of tea and you can almost sea the snow crested mountains that embrace the sky in the tea plantations of the Himalayan mountains.

Observe the color of its light liquer… golden, emerald, amber, shades of pink.  Tea is a full sensory experience andif  your mind and soul align — you can experience its magic.

With David’s help I learned to taste and smell the the tea and engage my senses fully…  I learned to taste its metaphors.

And then came the story…

Master Davey and the Magic Tea house was born of my research into tea and the sensory and cultural awakening that comes with its exploration…

In collaboration with David DeCandia we developed the story and with artist Kent Yoshimura the magnificent illustrations.  I am so excited about this book and hope to introduce children to the wonder and magic of tea and the cultures in which tea is grown.

Look forward to your feedback!


Susan Chodakiewitz is the author of Too Many Visitors for One Little House,  Wobegon and Mildred, Mr. Snoozle’s Exquisite Eggs.  (available on  She is the founder of Booksicals Books, Encouraging Reading Through the Arts  and Sensory Reading  (