The Adventures of Dish and Spoon
by Mini Grey 
The cow making her famous leap over the moon set off this dashing couple in their conquest for fame and fortune. The Spoon tells the story of their running away to New York city, where they start their roaringly successful Vaudeville act. From there, the Dish and Spoon get carried away with the money they make, and pretty soon it’s all gone, the act is washed-up, and they have to turn to a set of very sketchy cutlery for a loan. They fall to a short-lived life of crime to repay the debt, when they are seperated, apprehended, and made to serve their time. As luck would have it, the two meet up many years later, and learn that fame and fortune can lead to ruin, and that crime really doesn’t pay.

A beautiful, fractured re-imagining of the old nursery rhyme, The Adventures of Dish and Spoon has something for kids and adults alike. Especially great for 1st – 4th grades.


Susan Chodakiewitz is the author of Too Many Visitors for One Little House and the founder of Booksicals -Encouraging Reading Through the Arts.  Susan is available for author events at schools and libraries.