Robot Zot!
by Jon Sciezka 
illustrated by David Shannon
The earth had better prepare itself, quick – Robot Zot is going to conquer our planet! Robot Zot will destroy anything (inanimate) that stands in his way, and even plans to rescue the princess of all earth…a tall order for a 3 inch toy robot. Robot Zot’s triumph over kitchen appliances (his enemies) and eventual success in finding the pink toy cell phone (his princess) leave an action-packed, over-the-top, intergalactic ride through hilarity that fascinates kids and endears parents.

Great for ages 4 -8.

~ Susan Chodakiewitz, Founder of Booksicals is also a composer and song writer.  Her company Booksicals is dedicated to encouragin a love of reading through the arts by taking picture books and bringing them to life ~