Sixteen Cows: A Moo-sical Tale of Hearts and Herds
by Lisa Wheeler
illustrated by Kurt Cyrus
Cowboy Gene  and his eight beloved cows live at the bottom of a hill on Biddle Ranch. Everyday he sings them home with a very special, toe-tapping come-home song, naming each cow by name as they dance on home. Cowgirl Sue at the top of the hill has her eight cows on Waddle Ranch, and she’s something of a singer too; singing out all her cows names as they do-si-do back home. When a tornado comes by and uproots the fence keeping apart these two musical spit-fires and their dancing cows, only a battle of come-home songs can win over the thoroughly confused cows. Eventually though, the two realize that it might not be so bad to keep their sixteen cows together after all.

A whimsically told western and a great story. Perfect book for the musically inclined to improvise with kids!