The Library Dragon
by Carmen Agra Deedy
illustrated by Michael P. White
Miss Lotta Scales has a fiery passion for books, so when a school puts an ad out for a new librarian, getting the job is a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Sunrise Elementary, Miss Lotta Scales is a dragon – and a bully when it comes to books! Miss Lotta is determined not to let any grimy hands dirty, tear, or destroy her books, and she uses her fire to get her way if any child or grown-up suggests otherwise. But all that changes when near-sighted Molly Brickmeyer comes into the library and starts to read Snuff the Magic Dragon aloud. The kids of the school, usually deprived of their storytime, eagerly listen, and Miss Lotta does too, tears steaming in her eyes. Soon, Miss Lotta starts shedding her hard dragon scales, and beneath them is the much more sharing, human, library dragon.

A great story with some darn fun puns and wordplay – great for ages 6-10.