The Sun Egg
by Elsa Maarten Beskow
An unidentified, round and orange object has been spotted in the woods! To our little elf, it’s as big as as some of her woodland friends, but a lot more mysterious. Its beautifully bright color give it away; the elf is sure that it is a sun egg. Her friends all come to investigate the sun egg, fairy and fauna alike, but after some trial and error (and not a few tears), they decide that it is both edible and perishable. Eventually Owl points out that it is an orange, but not before all of these disarmingly sweet characters interact with the odd and beautiful find.

A charming story with beautiful illustrations. Makes for great storytelling because of all the different (and vocally interesting!) characters who come to investigate. Particularly great for ages 5-7.

~ Author Susan Chodakiewitz is  the founder of Booksicals. Her debut picture book: Too Many Visitors for One Little House is also a live musical and is now available as a musical DVD along with the SNOOZLE DANCE VIDEO for kids. Too Many Visitors for One Little House will soon be released as an e-book with READ to ME musical narration ~