Pamela’s First Musical

by Wendy WassersteinPamela's First Musical

illustrated by Andrew Jackness


This is a book near and dear to my heart as it captures that wonderful feeling of anticipation and thrill of seeing your very first musical!

For her eighth birthday, Pamela gets to spend the day with her glamorous aunt Louise in Manhatten. They catch a matinee of a spectacular musical extravaganza: hundreds of tap dancers, romantic corny-ness and fabulous costumes abound. And because Aunt Louise knows everyone in show business, Pamela gets to meet all of the designers/brains behind the show at the intermission, of course! The illustrations are just as splashy and gorgeous as the featured play itself. An inspiring and fun read for ages k-3, but a smattering of of theatre jokes keeps things fun for parents, too.

 ~ Author Susan Chodakiewitz is  the founder of Booksicals. Her debut picture book: Too Many Visitors for One Little House is also a live musical and is now available as a musical DVD along with the SNOOZLE DANCE VIDEO for kids. Too Many Visitors for One Little House will soon be released as an e-book with READ to ME musical narration ~