3/7: Children’s Book of The Week: Stephanie’s Ponytail

Stephanie’s Ponytail
by Robert MunschChildren's Book Review
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Stephanie is a one-of-a-kind sort of girl. So, when she sees that no-one in her class at school wears a ponytail, she decides the be the first to try it out. When she gets to school, all the kids say make fun of her for it, but Stephanie never loses her cool: “It’s my ponytail, and I like it!” So of course everyone copies her the very next day! Stephanie has to up her game if she wants to best the copycats—but how can she top ideas that were originally hers to begin with?

A hilarious story for kids and their parents—and a blast for kids to memorize and tell their own versions of!

~ Author Susan Chodakiewitz is  the founder of Booksicals. Her debut picture book: Too Many Visitors for One Little House is also a live musical and is now available as a musical DVD along with the SNOOZLE DANCE VIDEO for kids. Too Many Visitors for One Little House will soon be released as an e-book with READ to ME musical narration ~