Booksicals Reading through the Arts Program for Kids

Gets kids moving, dancing and reading!



Booksicals is an innovative after-school program to encourage reading through the arts. Our program immerses kids in reading through music, acting and dancing.

Booksicals was created by author Susan Chodakiewitz who believes that kids are spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME in the virtual world. Our workshop uses picture books to encourage kids to get UP from their sedentary digital activities and get MOVING, DANCING, and READING and bring stories to life!  Our programs are designed to make reading a full body experience and encourage a passion for books!


For kids ages 5-12


The program starts with a book and a story. Kids narrate, act-out and choreograph a book to the music of well known, popular kid-friendly songs.  Once they learn all the moves and dances to one story we start on a new book.

Meet the Author:  Kids meet the author and illustrator of each book. They get to ask the author and illustrator questions about the  story, characters, and the creative process and get their books signed.  Booksicals musical workshops improve reading comprehension, enhance creativity and inspire a passion for reading.



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The Barboza Method Studio 

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